5 Things To Do With Cremated Ashes

If you've recently lost a loved one, you know how hard it is to figure life out without them. It may feel like long, painful days as you struggle to get them off your mind. Whether you choose a burial or cremation service for your loved ones, watching them leave your life can be extremely difficult. More and more people are choosing cremation services to remember the deceased over funeral services. Luckily, cremation services allow us to take this significant person with us into our home, where we will always feel their presence. The cremated ashes we receive from our family member or friend's passing can be a great way to remember them and the memories shared. There are many ways to take those cremated ashes and spread them to honor that person. Whether we leave them in our home on a shelf in honor of them or put them into a special item to remember them, cremated ashes can be an exceptional object. Please look below at the five things to do with cremated ashes and see how you can turn your grief into a positive light!

Sprinkle At Their Favorite Location

When many people think of doing things with cremated ashes, they often turn to scatter them in areas that the deceased person loved. Scattering ashes in a place where they loved to travel, hang out, or just had special memories is a great idea for doing something with cremated ashes. This can be a beautiful way to say goodbye to them and let us know they will remain in that location forever. Depending on the area you choose to scatter, there may be specific laws, so it is crucial to check into that before you go. Some cemeteries have scattering gardens where the cremated ashes can be spread. This is an excellent way for families and friends to gather together and spread the ashes of their loved ones.

Make Jewelry

Another way to make cremated ashes even more remarkable is to turn them into jewelry for you to wear. The ashes can be put into necklaces, bracelets, rings, and even earrings that will forever hold a special place in your heart. By wearing this jewelry, you will always carry your deceased loved one wherever you go. These jewelry pieces are entirely unique and cannot be worn by anyone else. They're a fun way to transform someone you love into an even more special meaning. Rather than leaving the urn somewhere in your home, you get to carry them with you and take them on a journey wherever you go when you wear the piece of jewelry.

Make A Tattoo

Who would have thought that you could place ashes into tattoo ink! A new trend for people is placing cremated ashes in ink for a tattoo. Many people get tattoos in honor of someone who meant a lot to them, but now that can be made even more special! By taking some cremated ashes from the deceased person, after their cremated services are over, you can bring them to a particular tattoo artist who works with those ashes to be put into the ink. You can then carry that special person inside you and on your body forever. This can be extremely meaningful, especially if you choose a design that looks like them or reminds you of them and a special time you shared.

Put Into Fireworks

Fireworks are let off during a time of celebration; what better way to celebrate someone than to celebrate their life. Taking cremated ashes after the cremation services are over can be placed into a memorial fireworks display. This firework performance will pay tribute to the loved one and be the perfect way for friends and family to gather and celebrate the deceased's life. Of course, this can only be done and performed where it is legal to have fireworks, but if it can be done, it is a great way to remember and honor your loved one.

Turn Into Coral Reef

Another new trend that turns ashes into coral reefs is a way to not only remember the deceased person but help the environment at the same time. By placing those ashes in an environmentally-safe cast to be placed on the ocean floor, you save on cremation services and an urn. This is a two-in-one step where the ash scattering is combined with the cremation services. With these coral reefs, fish can swim easily through them, and it is a place for plants to grow. It is a great way to give back to our fading underwater world and natural reef system.s Most of thee world's reefs are at risk, and many people's final wish is to do something good after they're gone. Taking their ashes and turning them into these reef balls will significantly shift the difficult times into a greater good. 

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