Benefits of Pre-Planning a Funeral


Planning a funeral is one of those life obligations that needs to be done, yet no one relishes the task. Even though society seems to be growing more and more accustomed to the concept of death as a reality, planning the funeral for a loved one can still seem overwhelming. Indeed, it is difficult to deal with the grief of losing someone while also staying in the right headspace to make good decisions.

There are a variety of reasons, then, that pre-planning a funeral well ahead of the event of death is a good idea. It can feel morbid to discuss the funeral of a living person with them, but sometimes planning ahead is the best way to go for these difficult times. Here are a few benefits that pre-planning a funeral can offer.


1) Make the Right Decisions:

If you wait until the death has occurred to begin planning a funeral, you are likely to be riddled with a variety of emotions. This can make good decision-making difficult. Grief, anger, confusion, and general distress can all affect your ability to make sound choices. 


2) Funeral Wishes are Known 

If you are planning for your own funeral, this is a good time to make your funeral wishes known to your family or friends who will be directing it. Your goal is most likely to celebrate your life the way you lived it and you may have special requests. And only the person whose funeral it is will know how best to display their life. 


3) Light the Burden

NuFunerals can come with a lot of emotional and financial stress during the planning stage. Planning ahead of time allows the person to remove some of the burdens from surviving family members. Pre-planning the event means you can make financial arrangements ahead of time, allowing your family to properly grieve without having money-related worries hanging over them. 


4) Felxibility

The earlier you are able to begin planning, the more flexibility you will have. You’ll have time to change your mind about flowers or music or who will speak. While your funeral should not be on your mind at all times, thinking about it early enough allows for it to be carried out the way you want, even if what you want changes from time to time. 


5) Peace of Mind

Essentially, pre-planning your funeral allows peace of mind for all involved. It’s similar to preparing for a test – the more preparations you have done, the more smoothly things will go and the less stress you will experience. This peace of mind extends to both the family of the person as well as to the person themselves. Thus, death can be greeted as a necessity, and not as something that brings along stress and anxiety. 

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