Complete Guide To Planning A Celebration Of Life Service

A celebration of life service is a way for family and friends to honor a deceased loved one in a positive light. These services are typically outside a funeral home and held in a function hall or other location. The body is only sometimes present at a celebration of life service, so there is no rush when you need it. Uplifting spirits and sharing joyous memories with a loved one are a common part of every celebration of life service. Remembering the joy that a loved one has brought into your life will help remove some of the sadness you are feeling. There may still be tears and grief felt throughout, but at a celebration of life service, more laughter, happiness, and acceptance goes on. Honoring your loved one is a happy and positive environment with other people feeling the same way, allowing you to cope with the difficult loss of the deceased person in a different light. When planning a celebration of life service, there are various aspects that go into it compared to a traditional funeral service. Learn below the complete guide to planning a celebration of life service, and find peace and clarity with those around you!

Plan A Celebration Of Life With 4 Things In Mind

Planning a celebration of life service that will complement how your loved one would want to be remembered takes some thought and dedication! Some deceased people may want to follow certain religious or spiritual rituals, while others may want to be remembered for the things they love or their unique qualities. Learn below how to plan the perfect celebration of life service to help you and others honor the life the deceased loved one had lived!

1. Timing

As previously mentioned, a celebration of life service has no time restrictions. Since the deceased's body is not required at this service, it allows for more leeway on when to host the event. When someone passes, there is always pressure and only so much time to host a funeral and burial service. With a celebration of life service, you can relax knowing you can have the event whenever you are ready and not be limited to a few days after. Celebration of life services can be arranged for weeks or even months after the death, giving family and friends plenty of time to grieve and accept the loss of their loved one. 

2. Location

With no restriction on the timing of the service, it gives you plenty of time to find the particular service location. A loved one may have a favorite restaurant or location that would make the perfect place to host the celebration of life service. Since there is no rush to get the service going and have people from out of state attend, it gives you more time for planning and securing the perfect place. The service may be in a religious setting, outdoors, at a restaurant, or some unique location to remember them. This gives the freedom of waiting and choosing the right place at the right time. 

3. Guest List

When someone passes away, it is never a convenient time for those who love them. People may be from different towns or even out of state, making it more challenging to travel to a funeral service in a few days. With planning a celebration of life service, there is more time to give family and friends a heads up about the service and allow them plenty of time to travel. When choosing that guest list, it is essential to invite people who share similar memories and positive experiences with the loved one. A celebration of life service is when positive people come together to remember the loved one happily and lightly rather than dwell on them, no longer being by our sides. Learning to come together and celebrate their positive qualities and memories will help everyone cope with losing their loved one.

4. Activities & Decor

A celebration of life service is similar to planning a party or special event. Choosing the right location comes first, but now is the time to find the decor, activities, and other details that make the event special. Finding the right music, whether uplifting songs or even some of the loved one's favorite songs, will make the perfect addition. Choosing certain games or activities, like sharing favorite stories and memories, or looking through videos and photo albums, allows all the guests to come together. When setting up the service, find cheerful decorations and bright colors that help honor the loved one. Choose photos or even a slideshow of funny times and happy memories with them to share with everyone there. 

Plan A Meaningful Celebration of Life Service With Hamel-Lydon

When celebrating and honoring a deceased loved one, turn to Hamel-Lydon Chapel & Cremation Services of Massachusetts. We help family and friends praise and worship the good times and memories made with those they have lost. To get started on celebration of life planning, funeral, burial, or cremation services, please give us a call at 617-472-5888.

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