Dressing For A Winter Funeral

Everyone finds funerals to be emotionally draining and never looks forward to them. It is a good idea to plan ahead to ensure you are prepared for each funeral you attend, even though you might not want to. Winter funerals present unique difficulties because of the season's weather. But what are the greatest strategies for successfully navigating them? Learn more about dressing for a winter funeral below with these helpful tips on what you should wear. 

What To Wear To A Winter Funeral 

Choosing what to wear to a winter funeral might be challenging, but it is worth having a variety of suitable garments in case a situation occurs. It would help if you considered various factors based on the location and the family holding the event. The following outfit ideas may be helpful when choosing your attire for an upcoming funeral in the winter. 

Accessories For Outerwear

You should start with the basics when you start preparing your winter funeral outfit. The littlest things matter the most in times like this. On the day of the funeral, check the weather forecast. Bring an umbrella if there is even a slight risk of rain. Wet hair is frequently interpreted as an indication of carelessness or contempt, particularly during funerals.

Layering your clothing is made easy with the help of scarves, gloves, and other winter accessories. Wearing layers refers to donning clothes that are simple to take off as you experience various temperatures. It may be necessary to put on or take off layers multiple times during the funeral as you transition from an indoor funeral service to an outdoor graveside service and then to a reception. Having these layers can act as a part of your outfit, making it easier to dress and also keeping you warm.

A Warm Black Dress Coat

Everyone should own a black winter coat that is basic, elegant, and appropriate for any occasion. While it helps keep you warm in cold conditions, it also looks presentable and appropriate, even at a funeral. At a funeral, a wool dress will keep you warm. If heavy rain is forecast, think about wearing a coat made of a more water-resistant material. Whichever dress coat you choose, it can help take on the main role of your outfit; keeping you bundled up throughout the duration of the service. 


Standard funeral attire includes black, blue, gray, or neutral hue suits. In the past, mourners would dress in a suit, a collared shirt, and a tie. However, nowadays, trousers plus a blazer or sport coat are acceptable in place of a full suit. You might even get away with wearing a clean, simple t-shirt under a jacket, depending on how formal the funeral ceremony is. It is also important to wear formal shoes when wearing a suit. No matter the season or weather patterns, a suit for a funeral is always appropriate and will never go out of style. 


Layering is crucial if you intend to attend a winter funeral in a dress. Regardless of the time of year, it is vital to cover the leg when wearing a dress to a funeral. Make sure you have a pair of thick stockings to keep you warm during chilly weather. Add a blazer, cardigan, or shawl to your outfit to stay warm during the service. The length of your skirt should reach the knee allowing you to look respectful to others. Dresses make it simple to adjust for summer and winter funerals because any dress can be suitable for the chillier days by adding layers and tights to go with it. Add some boots or closed toe shoes and you will be comfortable throughout the service.

Contact Hamel-Lydon For More Winter Funeral Tips

At Hamel-Lydon, we are ready and able to help you prepare for challenging occasions. We understand winter funerals make it more difficult to prepare for during these times, and we are willing to help you make those decisions a little easier. Contact us today for more help and guidance during a time of loss.

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