How Long Does Cremation Take?

If you are curious about the cremation process, you're in the right place. Many wonder how cremation works and how long the process takes from start to finish. The physical cremation process takes around three to four hours to complete. This is true for most loved ones, but the time may vary depending on the body size or the type of container used for cremation. After the body is completed the cremation, there are additional steps afterward that need to be completed. In short, the final length of the physical cremation process can be expected to be around six hours. Once a loved one has been cremated, it does not necessarily mean they are ready to be given to the family. Learn more about the following parts of cremation and how long it takes for families to receive the cremated remains of a loved one. 

How Long Does It Take To Receive A Loved One's Cremated Remains?

After the cremation process, a loved one's cremated remains are not ready to be handed out or placed in an urn. This part of the cremation process takes a little patience, as many family members won't receive the cremated remains until several days or even weeks after physical cremation. If you are wondering why cremation takes a few hours but getting the remains could take weeks, there are a few additional steps that you may not know about. Certain states have different waiting periods before a cremation facility can cremate a body. Some states may not have one, while others may be required to wait 24-48 hours after death.

 Another reason it takes longer to receive cremated remains is that a lot of paperwork is involved to complete the process. The next of kin will sign the necessary paperwork allowing cremation services, and once a death certificate is completed and filed in the state, a cremation permit will be authorized. After the medical examiner gets the paperwork, death certificate, and cremation permit, they will examine the body and prepare for necessary cremation services.

Why Is The Cremation Process So Long?

Cremation is a serious service that may seem longer than most families expect. The cremation process may seem overwhelming, but it is extremely important it is followed correctly. Once a cremation service is done, there is no way to reverse the service. Families need to know precisely what they are getting into and should not rush the process. Unlike a burial, cremated remains cannot be re-visited if there are questions about the death later on. Having the necessary paperwork, documents, and permits will show proof of cremation for your loved one.

Simply Affordable Cremations in Massachusetts 

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