How To Cope With The Sudden Loss Of A Loved One

Losing someone unexpectedly can be an extremely challenging experience. We know that death is going to happen in our lives at some point, but a sudden death can bring upon various emotions. At first you may feel angry as to how this could happen. Grief can bring upon different physical and psychological responses that affect people differently. The length of the grieving process is different for everyone and some may take longer to heal. It is common to feel stressed and overwhelmed during the grieving process and feel like it will never end. No one may ever truly know how you are feeling, but learning about certain measures that you can take to make the grieving process easier can help. Learn below how to cope with the sudden loss of a loved one.

Four Ways To Cope After Losing A Loved One Suddenly

Learning to cope after the loss of a loved one can be done in various ways. Learn four ways below how you can help heal during your grieving process.

Surround Yourself With Others

Sometimes being alone can help you grieve and overcome difficulties during a hard time. Other times, it can be sad and more depressing by ignoring the help and attention from those around you. Surrounding yourself with other people will allow you to keep your mind off things and focus on the good times and making new memories. It may be hard to get yourself back out there right away, but doing so will put your mental health in a better place.

Get Back Into Regular Routines

Taking time off from your regular, busy schedule is great to help you cope, but at some point you will have to go back to your regular routine. Ignoring your routine will not help you cope with a sudden loss, but rather remind you more often of your situation. Going back to work, a sports team, club, or other meetings will help you feel more “normal” again. Be sure to hold family dinners,holidays, and other regular events again as you had before the loss of that special person. Giving yourself and your children a sense of normality after a difficult time will allow you to cope and learn to move forward with your loved one in your heart.

Take The Help From Others

Do not turn the people you love away, when you need help the most. Losing someone unexpectedly hurts, but it’s important to keep the ones you do have close. Many people offer help after death occurs as a way to show their appreciation towards you. It’s important to take the help from others while they offer it to make your life a little easier during this time. It’s normal to not want to take the help because you feel like a burden, but it is there because you need it. Whether it’s someone offering to pick up your kids from soccer practice, bring you dinner, or helping you mow the lawn, lending a hand is super helpful during a difficult time like this, and means more than they will ever know.

Understand This Is A Difficult Time

At the end of the day, losing someone is so challenging, especially when it is unexpected. It’s important to know that as you cope with this challenging experience, know that it is okay to feel defeated. Losing someone special in your life is no easy task, and it’s important to know that you are right where you need to be in your grieving process. Anger, shock, disbelief, depression, and guilt are all common emotions and are completely normal to be experienced during this time. Working through the various emotions and stages of grief are essential for helping you cope, and should not be ignored and embarrassed of. 

Grief Support and Funeral Home in Quincy, MA

For grief support or funeral home services after a sudden loss, Hamel-Lydon can help. We understand losing someone unexpectedly can be extremely heartbreaking, and we want to do whatever we can to make these times easier. Our team helps the Boston area by providing meaningful funeral and memorial services to honor the life of a loved one. We know it is normal to grieve long after the services are over, which is why we offer grief support to help you cope with a sudden or expected loss of a loved one. Learn more and contact us today at 617-472-5888.

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