How To Honor A Deceased Family Member During The Holidays

The holiday season is always difficult when a loved one is no longer with us. The holidays are when family and friends gather and make joyous, life-long memories. When we recently lose someone we love, we find it unimaginable to move on without them. The holidays are when we show our love and dedication to the people we love, and it feels impossible to do that without them by our side. As the holiday season approaches, it's essential to understand that just because someone has passed does not mean they are no longer with us. Their spirit and loving energy are with us wherever we go. Especially during the holiday season, it is crucial to spend the day as if they are there with you, by your side, enjoying the memories you make with your family. Please read below to learn how to honor a deceased member during the holiday season and keep them in your hearts forever! 

Four Ways To Honor A Deceased Family Member During The Holidays

Serve their Favorite Meal

The best way to remember and honor a deceased family member during the holidays is to serve their favorite meal! Certain meals or side dishes can remind us of someone special. This holiday season, consider cooking or baking something your loved one was known for. Whether it is their special recipe they would make or something you made that they always enjoyed, this is a great way to honor them and add some meaning to your holiday dinner. This meal will bring back memories with them and help you gather the table for a toast in honor of your special loved one. 

Set A Place At The Table

Consider adding a special seat for your loved one when choosing seat arrangements. In some cultures, it is a tradition to add a chair for their loved ones during the holidays so they can be a part of the conversations at the table. By doing this, you can have the whole family together again, and they can be a part of your special meal. You can add a photo of them on the table in front of their spot for an extra special moment with your family. This allows you and your family to keep your loved one's memory and holiday spirit alive with you again.

Reminisce On The Good Times

Families and friends gather together during the holidays to celebrate good times and love. There are not many times when families can be together, which is why the holiday season is such a special and meaningful time. During this time, it is crucial to not forget about our loved ones who are no longer with us. Instead, we should reminisce on the good times in the past when they were with us. Look back at old home videos and photo albums, or bring up happy and funny stories with them. This is a way to keep their life alive and get the family together to discuss the good times with them. 

Start A New Tradition

When someone passes, it does not mean the traditions we made with them have to come to an end. During the holiday season, most families have various traditions they look forward to each year. With times changing and new family members coming and going, it is important to create new traditions that everyone will remember. Sticking to what we are familiar with is comforting and loving, but trying something new with the people you love is always a great idea. Losing someone you love in your family is highly challenging, but moving forward and creating new ways to celebrate during the holidays shows them you still love them and are thinking of them differently now. Maybe your loved one enjoyed watching a particular holiday movie or show. Consider that becoming a new tradition you and your family do during every holiday, and let it remind you of them positively.

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