How To Put Together A Grief Care Package

Supporting someone when feeling down is one of the best things you can do. Whether that involves lending them a helping hand, giving them the time and space to heal, or gifting them something special, anything can help them. If you want to give a grief care package, there are many ways you can do so. First, consider what items that person would love and how they can benefit from them during this challenging time. Next, put those items together into a package and drop it off or deliver it to their door. Learn below some helpful items to include in a care package and how to assemble the most thoughtful grief care package. 

Items To Include in A Grief Care Package

Discover below some of the most thoughtful ideas to include in a grief care package to brighten someone’s day. These items are focused on the body, mind, and spirit, allowing that person to relax, remember, and reflect. 

Gifts For Body & Relaxation

Including items in a grief care package that are intended for wellness, relaxation, and rejuvenation after a challenging loss can help heal the body, mind, and soul of a loved one. These items can be the sole purpose of the care package or can easily be added to a care package. During grief, the body can feel mentally and physically exhausted, nauseous, sad, upset, angry, and many other emotions. This care package can help the person feel more comfortable during this phase and help them get to feeling better quickly! Below are just some of the items that can be included in a grief care package for the body and relaxation purposes:

  • Blanket.
  • Candle.
  • Facial or face mask.
  • Fuzzy socks.
  • Bath bomb or shower gel.
  • Lotion.
  • Gift card to a spa for a massage or other relaxation service.

Gifts of Food or Gift Cards

Ensuring someone has meals and is eating during a challenging time is the best way to check in on them. It’s important to eat no matter how down you feel, so ensuring the person doesn’t need to make their own food will allow them to save time and eat what you make them. This can include delivering warm meals each day, offering to cook for them at their own place, or sending takeout, delivered meals, or gift cards for them to get their own. However you choose to do it, giving the gift of a full and happy stomach shows you care more than you can imagine. Below are some helpful ideas to give the gift of food or gift cards in your grief care package:

  • Offer to cook at their home.
  • Buy their groceries.
  • Give them a gift card: grocery store, restaurant, coffee place, Uber eats.
  • Drop off home-cooked meals to them.
  • Drop off takeout or order delivery.
  • Give them snacks in a basket: protein snacks, comfort foods, tea, and simple items to make.

Gifts of Memories

A grief care package doesn’t have to be just physical items or food-related. Giving them the gift of memories or offering a helping hand the next time they need it can be just as meaningful, if not more. Giving them the gift of memories of their loved one who has passed can be a variety of things. Whether you create a special craft for them to remember and look at or purchase something that will always hold a special place in their heart, these memories will help them navigate through their grief stages. Below are just some thoughtful ideas to give the gift of good memories to someone in their grief care package:

  • Create a photo album with photos of them and a loved one.
  • Make a custom blanket, pillow, or other decorative item with photos.
  • Purchase a locket or other memorable jewelry item.
  • Purchase an ornament to honor the loved one.
  • Customize a windchime in honor of the loved one.
  • Going over and chatting with them, playing old videos, sharing photos, and discussing happy memories.

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