What Is A Celebration Of Life?

A celebration of life is a service where you celebrate the remarkable life of the deceased and all the memories shared with them. This is an end-of-life ceremony where people come together in one place to cherish and remember the deceased person. A celebration of life ceremony is a happy and uplifting time rather than a sad and grieving experience. These celebrations are typically held after the deceased has been buried or cremated. This allows for much more time to be spent planning this event and ensuring it lives up to all they will be remembered for! This ceremony is entirely up to the deceased’s loved ones and can be celebrated however they choose. It may be hard to plan the perfect celebration of life that honors the deceased while paying their respects. At Hamel Lydon Chapel & Cremation Services, we can help! Take a look at the difference between a funeral and a celebration of life service, as well as how to plan the most meaningful Celebration of Life ceremony below!

Celebration of Life vs. Funeral

Celebration of Life and funeral services appear to differ, yet they have so much in common about why they celebrate. Both are a ceremony where people gather to remember someone who has passed away. They both share a common loss between those people, and it is a time when they are remembered and honored. The main difference between the two is the traditions behind them. A funeral service is more traditional and probably more commonly held worldwide. The other is due to changing social values and the start of new traditions. Both of these ceremonies move a deceased person from one social status to another. They both are a way to acknowledge the deceased person and help families grieve and remember in their own ways. Whether you choose to mourn or celebrate the deceased person, it is a great way to honor them and remember the life they had.

How to Plan A Celebration of Life Service

Are you looking for how to plan a celebration of life service for your loved one who recently passed? Please take a look below at these three simple steps to honor and cherish the life they had!

Pick a location and a date, and choose your guest list.

When planning a celebration of life service, it is important to pick a special place that means something to them and invite all the people who loved and shared a special bond with the deceased person. Decide if you want it to be a formal or informal ceremony. Will you be sitting down and eating or moving around and talking?

Pick a theme for the ceremony.

 Try choosing a theme that you will remember them as. Maybe they loved baseball, fashion, or whatever was their favorite hobby. Try including details based on their hobbies and interests to make it feel like you are truly honoring them in the best way possible.

Decorate and create a playlist.

A celebration of life ceremony does not have to be so serious and formal! Decorate with all the things they loved. Order or make their favorite foods and cocktails, and enjoy the time reminiscing about the good times you shared with them with people who share the same bond. This ceremony is supposed to be a happy time, and playing uplifting music is a great way to spread the good times and positivity. Try creating a playlist with their favorite songs or songs that remind you of them and the times you have shared.

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