What Should I Wear to a Winter Funeral


When it comes to attending a funeral, you want to show your support for those who have lost a loved one. It’s important to dress appropriately since this day is meant to be a day of remembrance. During the winter especially, it can be difficult to find something suitable to wear while also staying warm. Follow this guide for tips on how you can do both.


Warm, Black Dress Coat

Black is the most common color you will find at a funeral and lucky for you, black jackets are also common during the winter. If you tend to wear a black or dark-colored peat coat or wool coat, it could double as a funeral jacket to wear over your normal funeral attire.


Outdoor Accessories

Funerals don’t give you much time to prepare so make sure you check the weather to see the forecast for that day. If it’s supposed to rain or snow, make sure you bring an umbrella. Many people often see wet hair as a sign of disrespect or sloppiness, especially during an occasion like a funeral service. Other outdoor accessories to have handy are gloves and a scarf.



You will normally see folks wearing a black, navy, orneutral color suit to a funeral however it is acceptable during the winter toreplace a suit jacket with a blazer or sport coat. Depending on the formalityof the service, it is acceptable to go without a tie as well.


Dresses and Skirts

If you are wearing a skirt or dress to a funeral you have alittle bit more to consider. First off, make sure either extend below theknees. Funerals are supposed to conservative. You might want to think aboutwearing a pair of leggings that are thicker than normal to make sure you staywarm as well. If you are looking for extra warmth, consider adding a blazer,cardigan, or shawl.


Don't Stress About How to Dress for a Funeral

In the end, the main point of a funeral is to show yourcondolences. Picking out an outfit doesn’t need to be complicated if you choosesomething the expresses respect and your current state of mourning.

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