What To Bring To A Funeral

Have a funeral coming up and wondering what you should bring? It’s always best to not go anywhere empty handed. Do you have to bring a gift to a funeral? No! Can you? Of course, especially if you’re close to the family it’s extra polite. Flowers are the first thing everyone thinks of, but thinking outside the box can show the family you’re creative and really thought about giving them something they would appreciate and remember their loved one by. Read on to learn four different things you should bring to a funeral.

What Should You Bring To A Funeral? 

If you're going to a funeral, take a look at these five things you should consider bringing with you to show your respect.


Although it seems basic, flowers are always a good safety option. A beautiful bouquet shows that you care about the family and are showing your respects to the departed. If you want to switch it up and bring something different, you can bring a singular flower instead of a whole bouquet. This is an inexpensive, yet heartwarming gesture, and will have your gift stand apart from the rest of the bouquets. The singular flower can even get placed on the casket of the deceased and have your gift be a part of the special moment. Click to see what flowers are appropriate for a funeral. 

Sympathy Card

Taking the time to write out a note or sympathy card is a simple yet very meaningful gesture. This is a way for you to express into words your sorrow and let them know you are there for them during these hard times. Some ideas for what to include could be a photo or a memory of the loved one who had passed. It may be hard to think of what to write for these cards, but just know that whatever you can think of means a lot more to the grieving family. 


There is no better way to show your love for someone than to cook for them. During these hard times, it may be difficult for family members who just lost someone, to cook and prepare meals. There is a lot going on before and after a funeral, and bringing home made dishes is very meaningful. Although this is a great idea for a grieving family, do make sure it is given at an appropriate time. Before the funeral or maybe at the reception after, is an appropriate time to hand the food over so they do not have to worry about it during the memorial. 

Stories and Memories

Don’t assume you have to bring a physical gift to a funeral. Sometimes bringing positivity and good memories is more than enough. There is no better way to lighten the mood than to bring back the good times and memories shared with the one who passed away. It always feels good to take away the pain of missing someone by looking back on the times you’ve enjoyed with them. Talking this out with people who are feeling the same way, is a great way to cope with grief during this hard time. Brainstorm some good stories and get ready to share with the ones who need to hear it the most!

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