What to Include in a Grief Care Package?

Grieving is an extremely hard process that looks different for everyone. When someone you care about is grieving, it’s natural to want to help ease their pain. While you’re not able to make their grief stop, you can remind them that they aren’t alone and encourage them to continue caring for their own needs during this difficult time. A grief care package is a wonderful way to help someone during their grieving process without overwhelming them. 

Grief Resources 

Grieving is such a hard process to get through, but luckily, there are resources to help someone through it. Get a pamphlet or business card for a local grief group where the grieving person could go to talk about what they’re feeling with people who will understand. Grief self-help books are another way for someone to learn how to cope with what they’re feeling and make a great addition to a grief care package. 


During the grieving process, simple tasks like cooking and doing the dishes can feel nearly impossible. Some people lose their appetite altogether too, but of course, that doesn’t mean they can just stop eating. Include snacks and non-perishable foods that are easy to prepare. Focus on nutrient-dense foods as much as you can so that the recipient is getting the most out of any small amount they eat. If you know that the person receiving the care package has a favorite drink or food item, including that for an added touch of sentimental value that could bring a smile to their face. 

Self-Care Items  

Caring for yourself and your emotions is one of the most important aspects of overcoming grief. You can help a grieving person with this process by including self-care items in the care package. These items should be things that will help the recipient relax and focus on themselves for a period of time to take their mind off the grief. A few examples include:

•A journal

•A blanket

•Bath bombs

•Lip balm



Items of Remembrance 

Including a photo album or a personalized photo print of the deceased will give the care package recipient something to look at and remember the good times they had with that person. Small mementos of remembrance are a good option too, although you would likely need to have a personal connection with the deceased to have access to those items. 

Anything you decide to include in your grief care package will be appreciated by the recipient because it will let them know that you’re thinking of them during this difficult time. Grief can be extremely lonely, so an offer to talk on the phone or visit in person and make them dinner would be very meaningful too.

Hamel-Lydon Chapel provides funeral services in Quincy MA and grief resources to help families cope with the loss of a loved one. Whether you need the assistance yourself or you’d like to give the information to someone in a grief care package, we’re here to help.

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