What to Include in a Sympathy Card

Signing a sympathy card can sometimes cause us to be at a loss for words. We cannot always find the right thing to say, and it's hard to put our feelings into words. We want to write something comforting to hear, yet we worry about saying the wrong thing. It's crucial to let the grieving person know that it gets better, and although it may take time to understand that, let them know you are there for them every step of the way. It's not easy, but it is vital to reach out during these difficult times for people who are grieving. Take a look below for some tips and ideas on what to include in a sympathy card. 

Helpful Tips When Writing a Sympathy Card

Offer Them Help & Support

When someone passes away, we often offer our help to grieving families by saying, "if you need anything, I'm a phone call away". But most of the time, people are not going to pick up the phone. Offering to pick up their kid from practice, bringing them a meal, or picking up some groceries for them, and so on shows you are there for them and want to help support them during these challenging times. A little goes a long way when offering to help someone during a time of need.

Show Your Appreciation

When a family is grieving over a lost loved one, there is nothing more comforting than reading about the good times they have shared with people. Writing about your appreciation for the deceased person lets the family feel at ease, knowing they have lived a good life and shared many beautiful memories. Giving your support and wishing the family well is the best you can do to let them know you are there for them and thinking of them during this challenging time.

keep The Message Short

Whether you knew the deceased well or not, keeping the message short can be perfect. Sometimes the card already has a message that can explain most of what you wanted to say. You can be warm and caring while writing something brief and conveying your message. Being short and sweet is sometimes the best during difficult times like these, just letting the family know you are thinking of them during this hard time.

What NOT To Write In a Sympathy Card:

  • "He/She was so young."
  • "I know how you feel."
  • "What a sad loss."
  • "At least he/she isn't suffering anymore."

Including these phrases is not comforting and brings back grieving people's sadness. Try to avoid talking about painful reminders of how young or healthy the person was before they passed. It's a better idea to include things that will remind them of the happy times and memories they've shared with their loved ones. We all experience a loss differently, and it's important to not compare our situation with the one of another person.

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