What to Put on a Headstone

When a loved one passes, having something to remember them by is an important part of the long-term grieving process. A headstone is a common method of remembering and honoring the deceased in a timeless way. Headstones generally include the deceased persons name, birthdate, and death date. You can also include other messages or images to make the headstone more personalized to the deceased individual and your family. If you’re struggling to decide what should be inscribed, consider one of these popular choices. 


Inscribing a favorite bible verse or other religious scripture is a wonderful way to pay tribute. Speak with your family members while they’re still alive to learn what their favorite verses are. If someone has already passed before you got a chance to ask, you can use one of your own favorite scriptures or even one that stands out and speaks to you as you begin to grieve. 

Song Lyrics

Song lyrics are a great way to add significant personal meaning to a headstone without worrying about writing it yourself. Adding lyrics to a favorite song the deceased used to love will remind everyone who reads it of what a light they were when they were still here. If the deceased practiced song writing or singing on their own, consider choosing one of the lyrics they wrote themselves. 

A Personal Image 

Adding imagery to the stone in addition to your personalized quotes will make the headstone even more beautiful and timeless. Imagery can include things like birds, ribbons, and other symbols. You can also opt for a personal image of the deceased to be engraved on the stone so you can see their face every time you see their headstone. Imagery is not allowed at every cemetery, so make sure it’s allowed where your deceased family member will be buried before deciding to put it on their headstone. 


An epitaph is the most traditional headstone engraving. This is a great option if you didn’t have a chance to discuss what the deceased wanted on their headstone. Epitaphs add personalization to the headstone, while keeping it short and simple. An epitaph is something like “in loving memory” or “until we meet again”. You can view lists of popular epitaphs online or work with your family to come up with your own personalized epitaph for the deceased. 

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