Why Choose Cremation Services?

More people are choosing cremation services over burial services. Lately, there has been a shift in the way people view funerals. Cremation services are expected to increase, but why do people choose cremation over burial services? Many driving factors like religion, cost, claustrophobia, and more are causing people to choose cremation services. People choose to be cremated to be with their loved ones forever. Cremation services allow the deceased person to be placed inside their homes or the home of a family member or friend. Read on to learn more about cremation and the five reasons why people choose to be cremated.

5 Reasons People Choose Cremation Services

1. Affordability 

A person's passing away can cause a financial burden on the family and loved ones they have left behind. Funeral and burial services can be costly and put families under stress and worry. Luckily, cremation services are an affordable option and becoming more popular worldwide. The cremation process is simple and cost-effective, allowing you to host a service or ceremony still afterward if you wish. You can have the body cremated without any services for the most affordable option with direct cremation. The cost will go up if you choose a handcrafted urn or service. This means that expenses can vary depending on your selected cremation services and are not set in stone compared to a burial package. 

2. Convenience

Cremation services are a more convenient option for a deceased person, especially if family members live far away. Once a body is cremated, the ashes are intact, and there is no rush to immediately perform any service or ceremony. This allows the family to focus on themselves and their grieving before planning a celebration of life or gathering service. Funeral services can be extremely overwhelming and a difficult time for family members to go through. With the convenient option of cremation, families can gather when they are ready and celebrate the life their loved one has had. 

3. Better for the Environment

Compared to a traditional burial, cremation services are much better for the environment. The process requires far fewer resources to cremate the body into a few pounds of ashes compared to other forms of disposition. A traditional burial service requires embalming, land, and a casket or coffin. Cremation involves none of that, and if you choose to bury the urn, it takes up far less space than a casket or coffin would. 

4. Creativity

One of the major benefits of cremated remains is the ability to be creative with the ashes. Some people's last wishes are to be spread in their favorite location or by the beach where they love to be most. A casket funeral is no longer appealing when cremation services can be so creative and unique to the deceased person. Other options include putting some ashes into a necklace for the deceased family to wear or even putting ashes inside ink for a tattoo on their body. The possibilities are endless and ever-growing as more and more ideas are being done for cremated remains of a loved one. 

5. Abilitly to be Close to Loved Ones

The closeness that cremated ashes in an urn bring to family members who have it in their home lets them feel like the deceased person is still there with them. Many people choose cremation services over burial services to have their loved one with them at all times. Selecting an attractive urn and decorating it on your bureau or shelf at home lets you feel connected to them at all times. It also removes the need to visit them at a cemetery; you can feel they are with you whenever you are missing them or feel down. 

Cremation Services in Quincy, MA

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