Why You Should Plan Your Funeral in Advance

It may seem morbid or unlucky to pre-plan a funeral for someone in your family, but doing it early has many advantages for both them and you. Funeral planning is very stressful, especially after losing someone important to you and your family. Not only do you have to deal with the heartbreak of just losing someone special, but now you also have to plan a memorial or funeral service for all those who your loved one has touched. Planning any event can be stressful, especially one that is occurring after such a difficult time. With pre-planning a funeral, you get the help of your other family members and loved ones while they are still there with you. Not only is this less overwhelming, but it allows the funeral service to be more meaningful and personal to the deceased person. Learn below the four benefits of pre-planning a funeral and how Hamel-Lydon helps families in Massachusetts with their pre-planning services!

The Benefits of Pre-Planning A Funeral

There are many benefits for the family and the loved one when pre-planning a funeral service. Learn below four advantages of pre-planning a funeral. 

Easier On Family

Pre-planning a funeral for someone special in your life takes the stress off the family members involved. Planning a funeral during an overwhelming time can put a lot of weight on the shoulders of the deceased's relatives. When you choose to pre-plan your funeral or cremation services, you decide to help your family when needed. Of course, nobody wants to plan a service that revolves around death, but doing so early on takes away some of the hardships families will face later on. Grief can take over our lives temporarily, making it hard to think or focus on even the smallest, simplest tasks. With pre-planning your family member's funeral service, you do not have to worry about it later on when the time comes. 

Prevents Family Conflict

Planning the funeral for a family member ahead of time allows relatives to avoid conflict when the time comes. Many families disagree on little things, especially during stressful and challenging times. When planning a funeral with that loved one, you can avoid potential family conflict because you can discuss exactly what they want at their service. This helps keep the family peaceful and avoids arguments later on when the day of the funeral service is here. Pre-planning avoids arguing over fancy or basic caskets, specific charities to make donations to, burial or cremation services, and many other tiny details. Planning ahead can prevent conflict between families, no matter how big or small the argument is over. 

Ensure Last Wishes Are Met

Planning a funeral ahead of time allows the loved one to get their last wishes before they pass. Pre-planning lets a loved one share what they may want their day to look like; maybe a particular reading, special songs, or certain flowers and memorial decor are wanted. This allows their funeral or cremation service to be memorable and unique to them, exactly how they would like to be remembered. It may seem sad to talk these things through with your loved one as they are still alive and next to you, but it makes things easier to talk through, knowing that they will be getting exactly what they want. Some loved ones may wish to have an uplifting memorial with their favorite music and food, while others may choose a traditional and religious service or burial. Discussing these things ahead of time makes the loved one feel happy and appreciated and gives them the memorable service they deserve. 

Cost Effective

Like most other things, purchasing in advance allows you to get a more affordable price versus waiting closer to the date. When pre-planning a funeral, families can have a more cost-effective service by planning everything ahead of time and not scrambling at the last second. Picking out what you want to have early on allows you to find cheaper options instead of higher-priced, last-minute memorial items and services. As we all know, funerals can be costly and put a lot of pressure on the family members to plan and pay for it. Planning the type of service ahead of time lets you know precisely the cost of the services and helps you save up for the service without being shocked at a price later on. Once you know the price of the service, you can consider funeral insurance or saving in specific ways to prepare for the payment of the service. 

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Pre-planning a funeral or cremation service is no easy task. With the help of Hamel-Lydon, we make funeral planning a lot easier when the time comes. Sharing ideas and plans with your family and loved one allows them to get the unique and memorable service they deserve. To get started on our pre-planning services, contact us today for more information; we would be happy to help.

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