Winter Funeral Tips

Winter is officially on its way, and the cold crisp air is amongst us. People never look forward to going to funeral and burial services, especially when it is freezing and unbearable outside. When it comes to winter funerals, being prepared and ahead of the game is crucial. It may seem funny to prepare ahead of time for a winter funeral, but going through your closet isn’t always a bad idea to get a sense of the type of clothing you have that is acceptable. It is always a good idea to keep an eye on the weather patterns and the conditions of the roads. Unfortunately, death can occur at any given time, and no time is the right time to lose someone we love. Winter brings a whole set of challenges to funerals that already have enough difficulties of their own. Learn below some helpful winter funeral times, and conquer the cold days to show family and friends your respect towards a loved one. 

1. What To Wear To A Winter Funeral

Dress up warm! When attending a winter funeral, you should first prepare for the chilly weather outside. No one is happy when cold outside, wishing they had more layers or a warmer jacket. Avoid extra misery and discomfort by having a warm coat with lots of layers underneath to keep you comfortable. During the winter time, darker colors are more commonly worn. This is perfect for a winter funeral because darker colors are always more appropriate and respectful when paying your respects to the family of a deceased person. Make the funeral a little easier by dressing appropriately and keeping warm throughout the service. Learn more about what you should wear to a winter funeral. 

Winter Funeral Outfit Ideas For Ladies

For a winter funeral, ladies can wear comfortable and warm clothing to keep their whole bodies warm and covered. Ladies can wear a pants suit, long dress, sweater with dress pants or dark jeans, boots, or closed-toe shoes. Blazers, leggings, tights, and other clothing items that can easily be layered and paired with other things are strongly encouraged. Ladies should also be prepared to stand outside in whatever they choose, so it varies depending on what is warm and comfortable for them. Adding gloves, mittens, scarves, and even hats is acceptable to keep you covered and bundled up in the cold.

Winter Funeral Outfit Ideas For Men

Men can wear clothing similar to what they would during any other season for a winter funeral. Men can wear a suit without a tie, a sweater with dress pants or dark jeans, a long sleeve with slacks, and nice dress shoes. Like ladies, men must be prepared to layer up with a scarf, gloves, and hat if needed. Funerals nowadays offer more flexibility in attire, but staying warm for a winter funeral is crucial while still looking professional and respectful. 

2. Watch The Weather

Another important tip for winter funerals is keeping an eye on the weather. As mentioned above, the temperature significantly impacts winter funerals and especially your funeral attire. Aside from choosing the right shoes to walk around in, make sure you stay away from any ice or slippery areas when walking. This is important for getting in and out of the car and the burial grounds and funeral home area. Avoid injuring yourself and others by getting around slowly and safely. If older adults are also attending the services, lend a helping hand to ensure everyone can be together safely. 

3. Accommodate More Travel Time

When traveling to and from winter funeral services, allow extra time on the roads. No one wants to be rushed and unable to drive safely, especially when the winter weather is here. Allow yourself plenty of time to get to the winter funeral so you don’t have to worry about traffic or accidents between other people that may hold up the roads. Many family and friends travel out of town or even state to get to a funeral. Not having enough time for your travel plans unexpectedly can cause stress and anxiety about getting places. No one wants to attend funeral services, even more so showing up late and stressed from your travels. Stay ahead of the winter weather and unexpected road conditions by accommodating more time into your travel plans.

Contact Hamel-Lydon For Winter Funeral & Burial Services

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